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  • The Last Brickmaker in America

    Feb 16th, 2011 | By | Category: DVDs, Urban

    BrickmakerWebThe Last Brickmaker in America
    $19.95 UPC 625828551307
    85 minutes / Widescreen / 2.0 Stereo / PG / Dove Family Edited

    “Poitier hits the mark again, with his trademark style of soft-spoken poignancy.” -TV Guide

    “A wonderful story!” -The Dove Foundation

    Henry Cobb (Sidney Poitier), a warm and honest man, has worked his family brickyard for 57 years. From dusk to dawn every day but Sunday, every week of the year, he has proudly put his blood and sweat into creating red clay bricks. But now, in a time when automation rules America and following the recent passing of his beloved wife, Cobb’s passion for his work is gone. When 13-year-old Danny Potter (Cody Newton) enters his life in search of a refuge from his bickering parents, Henry becomes his mentor, giving the boy a sense of purpose and the role model he so desperately needs. In turn, Danny rejuvenates Henry’s passion for life.

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