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    Jan 11th, 2011 | By | Category: Bestsellers, Books

    DaybyDayWebDay by Day
    with Billy Graham
    (365 Daily Meditations)
    $10.95 ISBN 978-1-59328-307-0
    234 pages / Trade Paper / Size: 7 3/8”h x 5 3/8”w / Devotional, Personal Growth

    This best-seller has had a complete makeover…inside and out! Over one million in print!

    Begin each day of the year with the Word of God and the wisdom of Billy Graham. This ongoing classic includes a Bible passage and prayer to accompany each daily devotional. A well-balanced daily spiritual meal!

    Whenever Billy Graham preaches a sermon or writes a book, he presents a clear, uncompromising message of the Gospel. In addition to the emphasis on redemption, however, his words also cover other subjects that affect each one of us as we live from day to day—such subjects as love for our fellowman, loneliness, joy, depression, guilt, and victorious Christian living, to name a few.

    Here is an excerpt from Day by Day

    “In God’s economy, you must go down into the valley of grief before you can scale the heights of spiritual glory. You must become tired and weary of living alone before you seek and find the fellowship of Christ. You must come to the end of “self” before you can begin to live. The happiest day of my life was when I realized that my own ability, my own goodness, and my own morality were insufficient in the sight of God. I am not exaggerating when I say that my mourning was turned to joy, and my sighing into singing. Happy are they that mourn for the inadequacy of self, for they shall be comforted with the sufficiency of God.” —BILLY GRAHAM

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