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  • God’s Comic – Brad Stine

    May 31st, 2012 | By | Category: Comedy, DVDs

    Brad Stine
    $14.99 UPC 680569164964
    70 minutes / Bonus Features / NR / Recorded in Franklin Springs, GA / Street Date: June 26, 2012

    Defending the Faith with “Funny”…

    The wait is finally over! Here is Brad Stine’s first new DVD in over five years! The title “God’s Comic” was coined by the New Yorker magazine. Brad is the most culturally relevant, secular media covered, influential Christian comedian ever and the only Christian comedian to use Christian worldview as social commentary throughout his show.

    “Your talk was a masterpiece of insight, wisdom, common sense and humor…exactly what we needed to hear. It was really fun!” -William L. Armstrong, President, Colorado Christian University

    About Brad Stine:
    • He appears weekly on Fox & Friends with an international audience.
    • He has been a Promise Keeper comedian for six years.
    • Brad is the only Christian comedian ever to perform at CPAC (performed there twice).
    • Has appeared on Hannity & Colmes, Glenn Beck, HBO and CNN.

    God’s Comic Playlist:
    1. Small Town
    2. Laughter’s a Gift
    3. 3 Letter Word
    4. Lazy Words
    5. G-O-D
    6. God’s a Guy
    7. God Made us Naked
    8. Man Gave Birth 1st!
    9. G for Genesis
    10. Mom’s Surprise Party
    11. Casserole
    12. Wash My Mouth Out
    13. Birth-DAY
    14. Your 16
    15. 4th of July is All Guy
    16. Holiday of Extortion
    17. Animals Aren’t Kids
    18. Apes are Your Cousin?
    19. What’s Your Story?
    20. O is for OUR Fault
    21. Funeral Home
    22. Texting and Cell Phones
    23. Auto Flush Toilets
    24. D is for Deliverance
    25. Sleep is Practice Being Dead

    Check out this clip of Brad! (Not from God’s Comic)

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