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  • Harvest

    Dec 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Bestsellers, DVDs

    $6.99 UPC 096009960599
    94 minutes / NR / Dove Approved All Ages

    Harvest is a prodigal son story set on a dairy farm in Canada. Both faith and the church are integral parts of the plot. At the end of the story, the church held a modern day “barn raising” to install a new power line to the farm. The prodigal son, Jacob Hansen (Ted Shackelford) left his fiancé, Maddy (Rebecca Jenkins), at the altar and abandoned the farm he was next in line to inherit. After 20 years of troubles, Jacob returned to find his brother, Dan (Ron White), married to Maddy and running the farm. Dan resented Jacob’s presence while Jacob was greeted by his loving father. The brothers found peace from the family problems by love, grace, and the help of their church.

    DoveAllAges(Click Dove logo for complete review.) “Harvest is a rich story featuring strong themes of passionate commitment to family, respect of parents and the struggle of those that have roots buried deep in the soil of the family farm. It is a beautiful rendition of hard work that makes a difference and love for the ones who matter most in the midst of great pain and struggle. Strong family values are woven throughout the film and presented in a realistic and powerful presentation.” -Dove Foundation (Five Doves!)

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