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    Mar 25th, 2014 | By | Category: DVDs, DVDs Under $10, Family Films, New Releases

    Meet the RobertsonsWebMEET THE ROBERTSONS
    A Behind the Scenes Look at America’s Favorite Family

    $6.99 UPC 096009272746
    Documentary / 61 minutes / Widescreen / Color / Dolby Digital / NR (Street Date: June 3, 2014)

    In the community of West Monroe, Louisiana, the Robertson family has always been known for their strong faith and work ethic. But when A&E began documenting their lives for the hit TV series Duck Dynasty, their impact spread to the entire nation. Centered on the Robertsons’ core values of faith, family and ducks, the show and its characters—Phil, Miss Kay, Willie, Korie, Jase, Jep and the loveable Uncle Si—have shared their down-home charm with the world. Despite their fame, success and recent controversy, this humble crew remains the same—a happy, happy, happy bunch.


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    Some Excerpts from the Program:
    • “It’s no wonder that the world’s love affair with “Duck Dynasty” is rooted with the Robinsons’ core values of faith and family. It’s a message that has been accepted not only by people in America but all over the world. What people are drawn to is the authenticity of the family members. They are who they are, both on and off camera. This is refreshing to viewers worldwide in over 100 countries.” -Narrator
    • “Families are looking for something that is genuine, simple and positive.” -Courtney Hornsby (President West Monroe-Ouachita Chamber of Commerce)
    • “Duck Dynasty is a show about a family with a message. If you put faith and family first you will have happiness.” -Narrator
    • “Faith is a huge part of the show and the Robertsons wouldn’t have it any other way. If they couldn’t voice that on the show, if they couldn’t do that prayer at the end they would walk away. This is why they decided to do this when they were approached. They felt they could reach an audience that maybe didn’t have the Bible in their hands, didn’t have faith in their family and maybe touch some folks and get them to learn about that and take a step in that direction.” -Nina Criscuolo (Fox News Anchor, Journalist – Monroe, LA)
    • “At the very heart of the show, besides the family dynamic, is their faith. They are not going to back away from it. It’s something they feel very passionate about it and feel that’s what they are called to do, to lead people to Christ.” -Nina Criscuolo
    • “Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family, is a devout Christian and is outspoken about his beliefs. His message is to get human beings to love God and to love one another.” -Narrator
    • “At 28 years old, Phil learned the forgiveness offered by Jesus and the promise of heaven, and as a result repented of his sins and was baptized in the presence of Kay and their children.” -Narrator
    • “My daughter is beautiful on the outside, but more importantly to us as a family she’s beautiful on the inside. she loves the Lord and cares about people, and so she wants to help others. She wants to keep that positive strain that we show on the show. We’re not perfect, for sure, but with people like that they’re going to help make the world a better place.” -Willie Robertson
    • “In 2012, the show’s editors decided to take out the word Jesus from the praying segment of the show. Once the Robertson family discovered this, Phil Robertson decided to confront the producers and editors about the issue.” -Narrator
    • “In this time of political correctness and sometimes it’s not politically correct to pray out loud or to say the name of Jesus Christ, or to say amen. The family has always made it very clear that they are not going to hide from that. It is the very core of their beliefs and value system, and if they are to have a show then that is what’s going to be on the show.” -Courtney Hornsby

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