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  • The Perfect Stranger (Collection)

    Sep 7th, 2011 | By | Category: DVDs

    PerfectStrangerWebThe Perfect Stranger
    produced by Kelly’s Filmworks
    $17.95 UPC 5099945546597
    86 minutes / 5:1 Surround / Special Features / Dove Approved All Ages

    Based on the novel Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory, “The Perfect Stranger” is an intimate, thought-provoking tale of one woman’s journey though the passages of doubt and disbelief with the most unforgettable man she will ever meet.

    Nikki Cominsky (Pamela Brumley) is a successful attorney, troubled by the fact that her life is less than perfect. From a workaholic husband (Dennis Martin) who won’t communicate to problems at the law firm, to the meddlesome neighbors next door, the big house and expensive cars just don’t seem to compensate.

    One day, a mysterious invitation winds up on her desk. “You are Invited to a Dinner with Jesus of Nazareth” it reads. Thinking it’s her husband’s humorous attempt at reconciliation, Nikki anxiously shows up….only to find that the man waiting for her is a blond gentleman in a business suit (Jefferson Moore), who’s bent on convincing Nikki that he is, in fact, Jesus Christ!

    Throughout their evening of arguments, conversation, and spirited debates, the lawyer finds out things she never knew about life, the universe, and most importantly, herself.

    AnotherPerfectStangerWebAnother Perfect Stranger
    produced by Kelly’s Filmworks
    $17.95 UPC 094922805140
    96 minutes / 5:1 Surround / Special Features / Dove Approved All Ages

    The sequel to the 2006 film, “The Perfect Stranger”, begins ten years after the first story ended. Nikki Cominsky’s daughter Sarah, now 19 and heading West for college, is at her own spiritual crossroads. To further complicate matters, her mother has recently revealed that, nearly ten years ago, she was the dinner guest of the Almighty Himself. Thinking her mother is certifiably insane, Sarah strikes up an unlikely friendship with a travel companion who shares her disdain for religion.





    The Perfect Stranger Director’s Double Feature
    produced by Kelly’s Filmworks
    $24.95 UPC 5099945707490 (2-Disc Set)
    200 minutes (w/features) / Both titles Dove Approved All Ages

    Includes both best-sellers “The Perfect Stranger” and the sequel “Another Perfect Stranger.”

    “…a moving experience. I recommend it.” -Jerry Jenkins, author, ‘Left Behind’ books

    “…not only entertaining, but will challenge you to re-think your thoughts about God.” -The Dove Foundation

    “We are taught in church that Jesus is not only our Lord but our friend and this movie relates that beautifully.” -Marshall Lubin, Newsday

     PerfectStrangerTripleWebThe Perfect Triple Feature
    produced by Kelly’s Filmworks
    $39.95 UPC 094922043955 (3-Disc Set)
    293 minutes (w/features) / 5:1 Surround / All titles Dove Approved All Ages

    Includes both The Perfect Stranger and Another Perfect Stranger. Also includes The Perfect Gift: A spoiled schoolgirl, her overworked executive mother, and a disillusioned young minister each receives an uplifting message about faith, tradition, and the truest meaning of Christmas from a strange, but friendly drifter named Jess.

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