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  • Sterling: The Secret of the Lost Medallion

    Oct 9th, 2010 | By | Category: DVDs, Family Films


    Sterling: The Secret of the Lost Medallion
    $12.99 UPC 798576486563
    82 minutes / Dolby Digital Stereo / Widescreen / Spanish & English Subtitles / Special Bonus Features / NR / Dove Family Approved for All Ages

    “This is a good kid flick! The presentation speaks their language, moves along with a pace of fun that will hold their interest, and delivers a good message that’s not blasted at them. I highly recommend this DVD for children and teenagers. This would be a welcome addition to a classroom or Sunday School class.” -The Dove Foundation

    While at camp, Alex Sterling and his friends have stumbled upon an old journal left behind by his recently deceased grandfather. While reading it they learn of the existence of a legendary medallion believed to have belonged to the Biblical King Solomon of Israel. Many adventures follow as they uncover clues leading to the final resting place of the medallion. Their adventure takes them through caves, secret passage-ways, river crossings and water falls, leading up to their final confrontation with Alex’s evil uncle Archer and his sidekick, Riley Jones.

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