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  • TEN: What God Really Meant By His Commandments

    Oct 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Books


    TEN: What God Really Meant By His Commandments
    Author Doug Murren – Published by Ampelon Publishing
    SRP $12.99 ISBN 978-0-9823286-9-9 Trade Paperback 140 pages
    Product category: Religion / Christianity / Christian Living

    This is a fresh look at the Ten Commandments, challenging the status quo idea that a person’s faith is measured by how well he or she keeps the commandments. Doug Murren contends that our western idea of abiding by the law has diluted the power of these commands, which were meant to inspire followers to not merely tow the line but to unearth the depths of what it means to abide by these rules.

    Murren introduces the idea–foreign to many western Christians–that Judeo teaching didn’t simply present a list of rules and that would be the end of it; rather, he demonstrates how Judeo teaching implies that we not only “not” do something but also to endeavor to live out the spirit of the law. For example, “Thou shall not kill” didn’t just translate into “don’t murder”, but instead called people to live a generous life that would give and give to others in a way that reflected the heart of God.

    Features & Benefits: A great discussion guide is in the back of the book; a perfect resource for small group study.

    About the author: Doug Murren is a sought-after conference speaker, founder of SquareOne Ministries, and senior pastor of New Heights Church in Boise, ID. Murren has a blog that attracts 50,000 unique vistors each month and writes for a number of Christian leadership websites and print publications.

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