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  • Unidentified

    Aug 31st, 2011 | By | Category: DVDs, Spanish

    a Rich Christiano Film
    $14.99 UPC 824483010093
    85 minutes / Enhanced Widescreen / Dolby Surround / CC / Spanish Language Track / Bonus Features / Rated PG

    An incident occurs in a small Texas town. A man, while driving home at night on a back highway, claims to have encountered a UFO.

    Two reporters from a national magazine are sent to investigate; their editor wants to publish a story on the controversial subject of UFOs. Brad (Josh Adamson) thinks they’re a hoax but Keith (Jonathan Aube) senses that something is out there. what follows is a quest by each man to prove the other wrong. Are UFOs real? A hoax? Is there an explanation?

    From Rich Christiano, the director of Time Changer, and featuring Christian singer Rebecca St. James in a supporting role, Unidentified is a thought provoking film that goes beyond the UFO debate and challenges viewers to consider life’s most important questions!

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