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    Jan 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Books
    Wholly Jesus

    Wholly Jesus

    WHOLLY JESUS; His Surprising Approach to Wholeness and Why It Matters Today is written by Mark Foreman, pastor, surfer and father of Triple Platinum Band Switchfoot.

    SRP $14.99 ISBN 978-0-98177-055-0  Paperback  224 pages

    Now more than ever, with the uncertainty of our economy and life in general, people are searching for answers. Mark Foreman shares a fascinating Biblical world view that brings new focus to Jesus and traveling “light” in a dismal, stressful world. Fascinating book, awesome interview!

    Foreman says in his book, “Americans spend 40 billion dollars a year on “holistic” approaches to life through yoga, supplements and organic food. People are searching for spirituality and wholeness, and for some reason, they’re not searching in the direction of Jesus…and I want to know why, and I want to be a part of the dialogue offering Jesus as the most ancient holistic approach to health and to God.”

    Mark Foreman is a simple man who is learning to follow Jesus wholly. He is the husband of Jan and father of Jon and Tim of the band Switchfoot. He is the lead pastor of North Coast Calvary Chapel—a “church without walls”—which has built its reputation by erasing the barriers of the church. Mark is a surfer and songwriter, and also serves as an associate professor at Bethel Seminary San Diego.

    View a 2 minute video of Mark sharing at a California holistic market at www.whollyjesus.com.

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